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About Us

Introducing Oscar and Herman Play Inside! 

Everyone's had to spend way too much time at home lately, and Oscar and Herman are feeling bored. What do you do when you're tired of your toys and sick of being stuck inside? Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and a delicious snack to make home feel fun again. 


Timely, hilarious, and heartwarming -  watch as these adorable brothers create their own joy, handle frustration, and fill up their free time when they have too much free time.

So come laugh along with Oscar and Herman, and get excited to play inside! 

Ages 3-8.  New episodes now streaming.

A 4PuppetPeople production.


For more information about our history, cast and crew, and educational standards,

click the button below. 

Meet the Characters



Age 8. Older Brother. Intelligent. Creative. Very organized. A little bossy. Oscar likes to plan activities, paint, watch birds out the window, try new things. He loves to make his family smile and keep an eye on Herman.



Age 6. Younger sibling. Spontaneous. Silly. Carefree. Often found eating snacks, especially popcorn and pancakes. Likes are music, go-karts, video games, and making mischief. Herman loves to make everybody laugh.



Single Mother just doing her best to handle two very energetic kids. Loves to come up with delicious treats, help with crafts, and make the kids feel loved and supported.



Herman's favorite stuffed animal friend. Perfect for nap time. Also a great dancer, joke teller, and ferocious dragon.

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