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Oscar's How-to's

Games, experiments, and playtime plans straight from Oscar's imagination.

"Now you can try all the games we play in our episodes.  Here are some instructions and my best tips for an amazing day inside."


Season 1 

Make the perfect
Play Fort

Ep 1 - The Fort

Everything is better in your own fort! Here's everything I use to make my perfect secret getaway.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Ep 2 - The Course

Turn your home into one big adventure! Twists and turns, games, races; here's a game the entire family can enjoy together.

Create your own mystery

Ep 3 - The Caper

Become a detective in your own home and get your friends and family in on the fun. Here's how to make a silly story perfect for those rainy days.

Hide & Seek: Nine (9) ways to play!

Ep 4 - The Secret

Make this old game new again with nine different ways to play! You'll never get bored again.

Simple Meditation for Kids

Ep 5 - The Break

Take a break with this kid friendly meditation directly from our episode. You'll feel calm and relaxed in no time.

Mad Science at Home

Ep 6 - The Experiment

Three (3) experiments you can do at home that are perfect for any kid to explore.

The Best Virtual Party Ever!

Ep 7 - The Off Day

Seeing your friends and family online? Here are tons of ideas to make your next Zoom party way more exciting.

Make a Play in your Living Room

Ep 8 - The Play

Love writing stories? Now you can make them come to life! Create a play in your own home that will make your whole family cheer!

Spooktacular Silliness

Ep 9 - The Haunt

Make your next Halloween a night to remember. Here's a kid friendly ghost story that's just spooky enough, and the best ways to Bob for Apples!

Birdseed Ornaments

Ep 10 - The Gift

Winter is tough on our animal friends. Make some simple birdseed ornaments that your outdoor neighbors will gobble right up.

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