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Simple Meditation for Kids

"Somedays you just need a break. Maybe you don’t feel like playing with your siblings today. Maybe it feels like everything is making you upset. Or, maybe you just want something to do that isn’t running around. Meditation can be a fun way to make you calm and relaxed, and go on a journey without having to go anywhere. After all, imagination is a very powerful thing. So let's all calm down and try a meditation. Believe me, it works wonders." - Oscar

Before we start a short meditation, here are some helpful hints on how to create a relaxing space to play:

Make yourself a quiet space.

Someplace away from everyone else. Perhaps you can go to a room where you can close the door. Or maybe you’ll want to do this in your fort! Either way, you’ll want to be someplace you won’t get interrupted for a while.

Sit somewhere comfortable.

It can be the edge of your bed, a comfy chair, or even a blanket or pillow on the floor. Whatever you do, make sure you are sitting, because if you lie down, you might fall asleep!

Now let’s take some time to stay calm and enjoy this beautiful meditation found in Episode 5 - The Break. You can listen to the recording here, or have someone read it aloud. 

Welcome to our meditation.

Today, let’s take a journey inside, into our own hearts.

Did you know that anytime we want to, we can choose to surround ourselves with a beautiful glowing light that brings us comfort and makes us more relaxed?

Let’s try it together. 

Take a seat in a comfortable position, and place your hands gently in your lap. Bow your head down slightly, towards your heart. 

Close your eyes, and take a very slow, deep breath in. Just as slowly now, breathe out. Now take another slow breath in, and slowly breathe out.  Keep breathing this way. 

Doesn’t it feel good to be calm?

Let the sights and sounds of your room fade away as you focus on your breathing, and get ready to visualize a fun and relaxing adventure.

First, you see some soft yellow light, like the sun coming through your window. 

 Feel that warm glowing light surrounding your body. Breathe it in deeply, and allow it to relax and comfort you. 

Watch now as the light changes to soft blue, like the color of the sky on a clear, dreamy day. 

Let your whole body feel light, and imagine yourself floating up, up, up into that soft blue sky. 

You might see some clouds drifting by - big, puffy clouds that feel like the softest pillows you’ve ever felt, as you slowly, calmly, lazily float on through that big blue sky. 

 You feel a warmth in your back as you grow some big beautiful wings and become a butterfly. Start to flutter gently from cloud to cloud. Beneath you, there is a lovely valley with lots of colorful flowers, green trees, and a shining stream. Doesn’t it look peaceful?

You feel the wind softly lift your colourful wings. Feel as the wind gently blows all around you, even through you, as it carries away any worries or stress you feel. You feel light as the wind itself - a cheerful butterfly gliding and fluttering anywhere you wish to go.

 Gently and ever so softly, the light now changes into a pinkish color. 

 Breathe in deeply now, as you drink in the light pink color. Feel it hum as it flows like a river through your arms, you legs, your head, all over your body and directly to your heart. Feel the gentle light nudge any hurts away.

As you exhale, your heart begins to feel lighter, a little freer. See the soft, glowing light filling up all that space in your heart….see the light gently pulse, brighter as you breathe in and softer as you breathe out. 

Breathe this peacefulness deeply into every part of you, and notice the calm and stillness take over. Your body feels light. Your heart feels relaxed. Take this feeling with you throughout the day, and remember that you can always call on this golden light to help you at any time.

Feeling calm now, turn your attention back to your body. Begin to wiggle your fingers and toes. Bring yourself gently back to your room and your day. When you are ready, give yourself a BIG stretch and open your eyes if you feel like it. 

Life is good, and you feel peaceful.

As we end our meditation, take a moment to just relax and notice all the beautiful things that are everywhere you look. What do you see? What makes you happy?


Did you enjoy this meditation? You can always try more with the various apps and sites online. So go enjoy some relaxation. Then watch Episode 5 - The Break to see how Oscar handled his chance to slow down. 

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