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Indoor Obstacle Course

"Turn your home into one big adventure! Twists and turns, games, races; here's a game the entire family can enjoy together. Let’s build an obstacle course!" - Oscar 

 An obstacle course is a path that you follow where you do fun and silly tasks along the way. We decided our obstacle course would be based on our favorite tv show, Stars and Stripes Samurai Fighters, but yours can be whatever you like! There is no wrong way to make the course, but here are some suggestions:

***First, be sure to ask a grown up if it’s okay to make an obstacle course!  It would be better if you had their help.***

1. Lay out your course.  Figure out where you want the course to begin and end, and then add pieces along the way. 

2. Next, you’ll need lots of supplies. Gather pillows, blankets, chairs, tape, toys, and little tables if you have them. We like this game a lot because you don’t have to buy anything! You just use whatever you already have in your home.

3. After seeing what you have to play with, start planning out your obstacles. Come up with lots of ideas for ridiculous and silly things you can do. You can create games, make giant piles to go around or leap over, cluck like a chicken, whatever you like! We made a map of our course with all of our ideas before we started building. 

4. Use some tape to mark your path. (we recommend blue painters tape or masking tape so it doesn’t leave anything sticky or mark up the walls) You can even spell out words to remember what obstacle is next. 

5. Put out your Obstacles! Use every level of each room. Up, down, over, under, around...Here are some ideas:    

  • Go up over a chair

  • Crawl under a table

  • Spin in a circle

  • Skip down a hallway

  • Hop on one leg

  • Walk in a silly manner

  • Crawl across the floor

  • Jump from one spot to another

  • Stand frozen in place for 10 seconds

  • Do the whole course again backwards!

You can also use toys to help make things more fun:

  • Throw a ball into a basket

  • Toss rings on a peg

  • Jump rope

  • Knock something down (a tower or toys, a pile of cans, or even stuffed animals)

6. Decorate your obstacle course! Use paper and markers to make different locations for each section of the course. It might even give you ideas for what to have in each area. 

  • Desert 

  • Underwater

  • Jungle

  • Mountains

  • Lava

  • Ice

  • Meadow

  • City street

  • Haunted forest

Once you have your course all finished, ask an adult to time you and see who can go through the course the fastest.


You can play this game again and again just by putting things in different spots and coming up with different obstacles. 

And if you need more ideas, be sure to watch Episode 2 - The Course to see how Herman and I turned our entire apartment into one epic obstacle course!

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