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Best Virtual Party Ever!

The Best Virtual Party Ever!

"Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up from a tough day. When I was feeling down, Herman decided to throw me a surprise party. It was so fun to see all my friends and it really made me feel better. If you want to hang out with your friends, sometimes it is just easier to have a virtual party than to see them in person. So here are a ton of great ideas for hanging out with your friends while online." - Oscar 


Because programs like Zoom and Google Hangout allow you to share your screen with your friends, you can play all sorts of neat things together completely for free!


Free Games:

Charades or Pictionary 

All you need are some pens and paper, or just your imagination. You can make teams, or just take turns having the whole party guess. It’s simple and you can play it anywhere!

Freeze Dance

Start some music and have everyone do their best dance moves. But watch out! Everyone needs to freeze in place, no matter what the pose is, when the music is paused. Take turns sharing sound and being the person to play/pause the music. 

Create a story! 

You can write a silly story with everyone. Have each person say only one line and then pass off to the next person. Everyone has to add onto the story based on what the person before them said, but only one line! See what kind of silliness you can come up with when you have no idea what will happen next!

Mad Libs!

You can also play Mad libs online for some really funny stories. There are websites that will help generate stories, but we think it’s more fun to look up pictures of mad libs and just fill out those on our own paper. Then we can really pick and choose which story we think will be the funniest ones. 


And if your grown ups are willing to help, here are some ideas for things you can

Rent or Buy:


Movie Night

Pick your favourite movie and watch it together on a simulcast. Make sure you all have snacks like popcorn for the full experience.


Online Party Games

There are a lot of places to buy online games. For kids we recommend these: (party packs)

They have 7 different groups of games you can purchase at once called party packs. These games are all very popular and a lot of fun to play with others online.


If you have this popular game on your phone or tablet you can play with each other over video and have everyone else guess along.

Online board games

 Find your favorite board game and play together online. From Monopoly to Life to Candy Land, there are plenty of options if your parents are up for spending the money. So make sure you find a favorite and then let the games begin!


Now that you’ve got your games planned out, try adding some fun extras to your event:

  • Make it a theme or costume party!

  • Decorate the area around your computer/phone with party supplies or fun lights.

  • Plan out the same snacks for everyone to have together 

  • Share music from the host computer so everyone can jam along from their own homes.

  • Have everyone join your party call from inside their own play FORT! 

There are lots of ways to make even the most distant gatherings fun. You just have to use a little imagination. 

Now watch Episode 7 - The Off-Day to see why Herman decided to throw Oscar the “Best Virtual Party Ever!” and start planning your own. 

Birthday Shoutout!

Want Oscar and Herman to be guests at your next party?

Send us a message to find out how Herman and I can make an appearance at your next event. That will definitely make it unforgettable!

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