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Make the perfect Play Fort

"Everything is better in a fort! Herman learned just how fun even ordinary things feel when you make your own special place to play. Have you ever made a play fort before? Now’s your chance to learn how!" - Oscar

How to play:

  • Pick a spot to make your fort. This can be a corner of a room you like, a couch, a chair, or even just an area with enough space to build 

  • Now that you have the perfect spot, you’ll need some walls. Use some blankets to create a tent. You can drape them over furniture, use thumbtacks or hooks in the wall, whatever will give you a nice curtained off space. Couch cushions also work really well. 

  • Next, put some blankets on the ground the make it nice and soft

  • Now fill your fort with more pillows and blankets so you can get nice and comfy

  • Add some twinkle lights, fake candles, or lamps to make sure you can see, but also make it more magical. 

  • Decorate with anything you love.

  • Bring in some books, games, and toys to play with

  • Start having fun!

You can be as creative as you want. This is your special place to hide away for a few hours and let your imagination run wild. Need some ideas? Here are pictures of our what we did in our fort:

There is no wrong way to make a fort. As long as you love it, your fort is perfect. While you’re in your fort you can:

  • Read a book or comic

  • Read a story to your family members

  • Make up your own story. Maybe even write it down

  • Play board games

  • Play video games with a friend

  • Have your toys go on an adventure.

  • Eat your favorite snacks

  • Watch Oscar and Herman Play Inside! from the very beginning! Now you can watch them make a fort, while you’re in your own fort!

IF you want, take a picture in it and send it to us! We would love to see it. 

Go ahead and tag us on Facebook @OscarandHerman, post it on instagram with the hashtag #OscarandHerman, or email it to us at here on Be sure to ask your grownup first though!

Now get started! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

And if you need more ideas, be sure to watch Episode 1 - The Fort to see how much fun Herman and I had making our very own giant play fort in the living room.

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