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Snack Time!

Oscar and Herman's favorite snacks directly from Mom's recipe book.

"My hungry growing boys eat a lot, and it's tough to keep up with their appetites. But whenever they ask for something again I make sure to keep the recipe. Here are Oscar and Herman's favorite snack time goodies made with lots of love." - Mom

Mom's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

There’s no mystery why this recipe is a favorite of Oscar and Herman. Enjoy some delicious treats perfect for any snack time.

Herman's Favorite Pancakes

The only thing Herman loves more than popcorn is pancakes. So this is what I make for my special little guy whenever he needs some comfort food.

Popcorn Drizzles

It’s easy to make snack time special by taking an ordinary treat and making it extraordinary. This perfect mix of sweet and salty is super quick, and the kids can help too.

Candy Apples

This festive fall favorite is great for a picnic or a party. The kids just love these magical looking treats.

Reindeer Treats

A fun spin on a holiday classic, we make sure to leave this out every Christmas Eve. After all, it takes a lot of energy to pull Santa around the world in one night, and those reindeer deserve something special too.

Rabbit Food

Oscar is a rabbit after all, so I never have any trouble getting him to eat his veggies. Here is an easy delicious Salad that is definitely bunny approved!

Ants and Snails
on a Log

Sometimes you have to be creative to get kids to eat anything healthy. Here's a super simple snack that always does the trick with my boys.

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