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Season 2 Episode 4 - The Night In

Plan a fancy night at home

"If spending another night at home feels like the same old thing, then I have just the ticket. A Plane ticket to another country! Not a real one, of course. But you can take a trip anywhere in the world with just a bit of imagination. Here a a bunch of fun ways to make your night at home feel like a visit to some place new." - Oscar 

Try some of Oscar's ideas for turning a normal night at home into a fancy evening you'll never forget.

Turn your Dinner into a big event:

  • Dress up in your best clothing. It always feels like a nice change to get super dressed up for no reason. So feel like royalty for an evening and get all gussied up. 

  • Order takeout, but use fancy plates, glasses and silverware

  • Make a special food with your family that means something to you, or feels like a celebration, like one of grandma’s recipes, or a cool looking cake you saw online.

  • Put on Music that makes you feel like you’re in a really expensive restaurant

  • You can even make decorations for the walls, table, chairs, and ceiling. Some construction paper, string, and a pair of scissors can do a lot. Just use your imagination!



Have a karaoke night:

  • Plan a night to just be silly and sing songs with your family. 

  • Have your parents help you pick or make a playlist of songs 

  • Take turns performing for each other in as fun and silly a way as possible

  • Maybe even make up some dance steps to a song 

  • Remember, you’re not trying to impress anyone. So just enjoy some silly times and fun music. 

  • And be sure to include snacks!


Create a world tour:

  • Look up some places you love, or maybe a place you’d like to learn more about.

  • Using some craft supplies, make pictures from each place that you can hang around your home

  • Pick one fun thing from each country to play during your world tour.  For example:

  1. Make food or dessert from that country

  2. Sing a song by an artist from that country

  3. Try a dance that comes from that country, or just dance to that country’s music

  4. Try to play a game that started in that country


You can take anything you learn about that country and find a way to play pretend. If you are enjoying some place in particular, make sure you go to the library, or talk to some people from that country to learn more about it from first hand experience. 


But the Most important thing is to have fun!


Now, watch Season 2 Ep 4 - The Night In to see why Oscar and Herman wanted to create a special evening for their Mom. 

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